The Team

Neppumuk Z was formed by 2 friends that have a love

for 80s SynthPop and Dancefloor Music.

Alex manages the technical side of music production

while Simone is the Singer and Voice of the Duo.

The Name

Neppumuk Z is basically an abstract Phantasy Name,

but it has reminiscenses into the Industrial/Electro,


The band name was inspired by a character of the

Hello Spencer TV Series (Nepomuk) and by the 'Z' of ZZ Top

Nepomuk is an old german prename.

Together with the Z it symbolizes the soul of a person getting older,

wiser, and who tries to explore whats behind the boundaries of A-Z.

The Music

We do music for the heart and the soul.

We praise music that make you feel, live and breathe …

We are interested in Dancefloor, Techno, Rave, Trance

but also in 80s SynthPop, Gabber, Hardcore and Industrial.

The Website

This Website works on resolutions from 1024*768 up,

640*480 and 800*600 are not supported.

It was coded with frames in HTML 4.0 together

with some JScript and PHP.

It was tested to work with IE, Chrome and Firefox.